My brushes bring out the inherent shine of silk in a vision of sustained motion around us. The intent is to express how a raw material issued from the life cycle of a worm may be a vehicle for strong images of movement, wholeness and unity in nature.

My silk pieces seek to soothe and erase division while preserving identity. They deliberately show unison among elements of our natural environment through color, texture and lighting. The recurrent themes display movement in the form of a breeze, a gentle wind meant to touch those who notice it. A vertical dimension is also brought out by a desire to transcend the every-day hustle and show harmony. I wish to share balanced images of change and for the result to induce feelings of equilibrium.

I start with a white piece of Habutai silk and stretch it on a frame to create a canvas. After minimal sketching on paper to establish the intended theme of a piece, I draw gutta lines on the stretched silk. Gutta is a type of glue made to be used on silk to define a design and limit the spreading of ink on the fabric. Such dispersion of the ink can be used in some areas to create interesting gradients and texture, or stopped to outline shapes.

Once the painting stage is completed, the piece of silk comes off the frame and goes through a steaming process that sets the colors so they are safe if they come in contact with moisture. After this final process the painted silk can find purpose in a frame, a lantern, scarf or special project. My lanterns have been said to bring joy and comfort into homes.
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Silk by Claire - 660 South Moore Rd - Rising Fawn, GA 30738 - Tel: 706-398-9175


Silk & Shades at the Library in Chattanooga, TN - Come join the fun! I will be teaching a series of free silk painting classes at the Downtown Chattanooga Library in May, June and July 2019. The Silk & Shades program will start with live demos in April to introduce silk paiting to the public. During classes, students will paint silk banners that will be used in an installation on the 1st floor of the library. To participate, register on the Library website (events section) for the classes here.