The use of silk has made history and supported strong traditions all over the world for centuries. Because it is a natural fiber resulting from the life cycle of the silkworm, silk is a powerful symbol of the connection between humans and nature. Strong, yet light and delicate, it reminds us that a balance of forces is necessary for survival and harmony.

In many ways we as humans have lost touch with Nature and our origins. Nature offers the most simple, most elegant solutions. Watching the flight of a maple seed shows that survival is strongest when basic. The methods Nature employs for resilience may give us lessons on how to survive ourselves. Nature is an endless source of metaphors and oddities, which I like to feature in my pieces. Beauty itself takes root in the most simple things. By understanding the aesthetics and peacefulness of our environment, we can preserve it. In this way, art is a key to our future.

Painted silk has many uses in decoration (wall hangings, pillows, curtains) as well as fashion (scarves, clothing). I like combining the useful and aesthetic aspects. I also enjoy using the lightness of the fabric, which moves and shudders with any draft or movement in a room. Painted silk pieces may also be framed.

Silk offers many metaphors and lessons, which apply to life. I view my silk pieces as life lessons to be shared with others.
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Silk by Claire - 660 South Moore Rd - Rising Fawn, GA 30738 - Tel: 706-398-9175


Area 61 in Chattanooga, TN - Find Claire's paintings and silk lanterns at Area 61 on Main St
in Chattanooga, TN, a wonderful location for an ecclectic choice of high-quality artwork. Claire will be featured artist are Area 61 in October 2017.

Kamama Gallery in Mentone, AL. You don't want to miss this wonderful venue,
which features amazing local art. A must-see!